Trifle Rehab Clinic for Type-1 Diabetics (Video Satire)

My wife, Nicole, loves trifle — a high-carbohydrate combination of sponge cake, fruit and sugar. It also contains lots of whipping cream; which is about all that her low-carb, renal-failure, type-1 diabetic permits. (And ,rumour has it, that the whipping cream may be phased out pretty soon.)

Now, to be fair, as much as Nicole has always proclaimed her love for trifle, she never ate it that often. She’d usually have it for Christmas and her birthday. If she was lucky, her blood sugar wouldn’t go too far past 12 mmol/L (210 mg/dL).

Even though it was only consumed twice a year, the cravings linger. So our six-year old son, Jonah, thought up a way to help her (and any other type-1 diabetic gone ketogenic) permanently vanquish her trifle cravings. I hope you enjoy the video:

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