Emotional Eating, Stress and Type-1 Diabetes

For years I was on a blood sugar roller coaster ride made so much worse when I was under stress (which seemed to be quite frequently especially as a teenager/young adult). I wanted to gobble up the worst foods for my blood sugar. I was stuffing down my emotions, instead of actually feeling them. My blood sugars would bounce from 15 mmol/L to 20 mmol/L to early 30 mmol/L. INSANE. MOODY. EXHAUSTED. How crazy is that?

As the years passed my food choices became better but still not perfect. My snacks became a little higher quality (organic but still loaded with carb). In the last 18 months, however, things have OHHHH become so much better.

Following Dr. Bernstein’s protocol, the GAPS diet, a ketogenic diet, and now the nutritional balancing protocol… My cravings have diminished to almost nil. My moods have improved. And the highest blood sugar I get (on rare occasions) is a 13 mmol/L. Now I can acknowledge stress and feelings through simply being in my body and breathing. Not always easy. It takes a lot of practice. Bbut it has made life for me and those around me a happier one.

My whole diet consists of vegetables, homemade sour cream, homemade ghee, olive oil, organic meat (chicken, beef, occasional lamb, turkey or duck), some macadamia nuts(about 10 nuts). All the food is cooked in spring water. I devour these healthy meals twice a day. I found three meals at this point too much because of gastroparesis. To give my digestive tract a rest I have bone broth at lunch.

Unfortunately, the gastroparesis is still causing fluctuations in my blood sugars. I correct a couple hours after my meals. At least, I rarely have many lows. After a meal (about 1.5 to 2 hours) my blood sugar raises to about 8.5 mmol/l to 9.5mmol/l on average.

As I mentioned above my snacks are macadamia nuts (about 10). On a bad day that may be 20 nuts. But the last month they have been out of stock so I have substituted on occasion with mixed nuts without salt.

Dill pickles were another thing that I used when I had a food craving in the last 18 months but have weaned myself off of those.

I am trying gum again to help with the gastroparesisl. The gum (see how my ideas have changes at this link) has xyitol which is not the best but the best choice for me right now. I am hoping one day to be rid of them all when I am more nutritionally balanced.

About the Author: John C. A. Manley researches and writes about alternative treatments for type-1 diabetes and its many complications. His wife, Nicole, of 15 years has had type-1 diabetes for four decades. Together they have lowered her HgbA1c below 5.5%, regained thyroid function, increased kidney function and reversed gastroparesis. Read more about their journey out of the T1D matrix or subscribe to their Diabetic Dharma blog..