Our $49.3k Experiment to Reverse Kidney Failure and Other Diabetic Complications

We have a theory with evidence to back it up: Diabetes leads to dental infections. Dental infections lead to fillings, root canals, bridges and crowns. Such toxic dental work poisons the bloodstream causing or worsening “diabetic complications” like kidney failure, retinopathy and neuropathy.

People lose their sight, lose their legs and lose their life.

To put this “dental complication” theory to the test my wife Nicole is going to undergo a total dental revision. 5+ hours of surgery by one of the world’s leading biological dentists. Afterwards, we expect to see major improvements in her kidney function and other health problems. It’s an experiment that could be of immeasurable importance to anybody who has type-1 diabetes.

The surgery and ride along expenses will cost about $49,330 (CAD). We’re about $40,000 short. So I’ve started a crowdfunding campaign.  I’ve spent six months researching and compiling data to make a case for this approach. You can see it all at kidneykarma.com.

To my knowledge this is the first time such a detailed look at the link between diabetic complications and dentistry has ever been published. The information it contains may very well add years to your life and save you from much suffering. Some of what you’ll discover:

• 6 scientific studies which concluded that dental fillings and root canals may lead to a seat at your local dialysis clinic.

• Which dentist will be removing Nicole’s toxic dental work (and why many, if not most, “holistic” dental clinics can actually make you sicker).

• Psychological studies showing how mercury fillings cause depression, anger and other negative mental states. (In case you ever thought there was more to it than bad blood sugars.)

• The many ways toxic dental work interferes with sleep.

• How mercury fillings may have caused your type-1 diabetes – even if you’ve never had one in your mouth.

• How most fillings, crowns and bridges turn the mouth into a “living battery” discharging electricity directly into your nervous system.

• The connection between root canals and breast cancer. (Find out why root canals are even worse than mercury fillings.)

That and a lot more information is available at: kidneykarma.com. Please consider donating and sharing the link. Even $5 from enough people would have this paid for in a few weeks.

After 40 years of type-1 diabetes Nicole has had a lot of dental work embedded in her head. All of it is going to be removed (along with most her teeth). She’s going to be the guinea pig for others with T1D.

As a subscriber to Diabetic Dharma you’ll be able to see the results. The goal is to get her off dialysis. Such an experiment should hopefully help you find a way to avoid the long list of dire complications approaching like Dark Riders into the Shire.

Please take the time to read the “appeal.” Consider donating to this important research. And please share the link with as many people as you can.

I’m not one to wait around for mainstream medicine to find cures for diabetic kidney failure, diabetic nerve damage and diabetic dementia. Here’s a chance to put money towards a specific experiment where you’ll be able to witness and benefit from the results: kidneykarma.com

About the Author: John C. A. Manley researches and writes about alternative treatments for type-1 diabetes and its many complications. His wife, Nicole, of 15 years has had type-1 diabetes for nearly four decades. Together they have lowered her HgbA1c below 5.5%, regained thyroid function, increased kidney function and reversed gastroparesis. You can subscribe to his weekly email newsletter or book a consult.

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